Uniformed Guards

The highly visible uniformed security guards are one of your best protections against criminals and criminal action. The high profile segment of the security system provides a deterrent action just by its presence.

A.I.C offers both uniformed armed and unarmed security guards all of which are specially trained in their specific role, based on job requirements as outlined by the client needs.

All uniformed guards are carefully screened for personal integrity, attitude, stability, work experience and routinely evaluated for continued employment with A.I.C.

Once selected to join the A.I.C team, all uniformed guards are put through oral and written training as well as on the job training to insure proper knowledge of his/her specific duty.

A.I.C armed guards are selected based on background and/or performance within the company and are required to participate in mandatory shooting programs. All A.I.C armed guards are required to be re-certified annually to assure proper use of firearms by qualified range instructors.

Whether armed or unarmed, all A.I.C guards are fully equipped with the most modern, state of the art radio communications, patrol units, necessary security equipment, and backed by quality 24-hour field supervision.

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