Residential Security

In residential communities, mobilized or on-foot uniformed guards can offer personalized security services, monitor vehicle traffic, notify residents of approaching visitors, respond to civil/vehicular incidents, patrol the common property and routinely check recreational areas such as swimming pools and clubhouses to assure proper use of facilities and property and coordinate known emergencies with proper responding.

Depending upon the size of the community and security needs, uniformed guards routinely patrol specified areas, to guard against break-ins, thefts or vandalism. In addition to these and many other specific details that differ with each community, the uniformed security guard offers a watchful eye over the entire area, checking for the unusual and investigating actions of a suspicious nature, and of course, notifying local police or other emergency units as needed.

For the residents, a uniformed security guard service is a symbol of safety and protection both day and night. For working residents, they offer peace of mind knowing that a uniformed guard is keeping watch over their property and belongings. For all residents, a uniformed guard provides instant security in a time of need.

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