Commercial Security

In the business atmosphere, the uniformed guard can offer protection to your employees as well as serve as a protector of your business office and equipment, warehouse and car or truck fleet. Many large businesses now find a main security entrance a safety measure to monitor incoming visitors, guard against the theft of business equipment and to serve as an immediate response to security problems within the business area.

At A.I.C our guards are experienced at monitoring closed circuit television, providing security escort for employees and conducting routine tours of the business; all to assure an overall safe working environment. Personnel are available to be trained in first aid, fire, and/or OSHA regulations as dictated.

A.I.C guards function as a watchful eye over the entire business area, keeping careful watch for the safety and protection of both employees and customers. Should any threat to safety occur, A.I.C guards are capable of handling the situation and will file a detailed, written report about the incident immediately. A copy will be provided to responsible clientele designee.

A.I.C can offer advice on the type of security system needed to control inventory and protect against the misuse of information or business equipment. This may necessitate an enhanced “security survey??? by one of our mangers.

After hours A.I.C will maintain a deterrent against theft and burglary either by routine patrol of the premises, time clock check ins or stationary guards. Whichever security program best suits your business needs, A.I.C can help advise you about the programs and equipment available and can put the program of your choice into action.

Of course, A.I.C uniformed guards are available for special functions as well as for year-round service.

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