New York

Services Offered at our New York location

Investigation Department

  • Background Investigations

    A background check is the process of looking up official and commercial records about a person or business.

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  • Evidence Gathering

    This service is provided to collect proof or facts of any incident or allegation.

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  • Skip Tracing

    AIC will locate individuals and companies enabling the client to serve judgments or legal documents.

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  • Investigative Consulting

    AIC will consult with individuals and companies when they need expert advice for an Investigation service.

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  • Video & Audio Surveillance

    This service is provided for cases such as child abuse, sexual harassment, and many others applications.

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  • Camera Placement Survey

    AIC will survey the area to be monitored and determine the best places to install your cameras.

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Security Department

  • Commercial Security

    In the business atmosphere, the uniformed guard can offer protection to your employees.

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  • Executive Protection

    AIC provides protection to individuals, executives, and others whose position puts them at risk of harm by others.

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  • Residential Security

    In residential communities, mobilized or on-foot uniformed guards can offer personalized security services.

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  • Retail Security

    AIC provides for retail establishments when the need for security is warranted for the protection of premises.

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  • Retail Security Evaluation

    A typical evaluation starts with the crime prevention specialist examining the existing condition of a business.

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  • Security Consulting

    AIC will consult with individuals and companies when they need expert  advice for a Security service.

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  • Security for Special Events

    AIC will provide security for special events such as concerts, private parties, churches and synagogues.

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  • Uniformed Guards

    The highly visible uniformed security guards are one of your best protections against criminals and criminal action.

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