Death Investigations


Learning that your friend or family member is deceased from any cause can understandably cause feelings of bereavement and grief. Learning that your loved one has committed suicide can heighten those feelings, adding on shock and disbelief that someone you love would do such a thing. When your or other family and friends disagree with the cause of death being ruled a suicide, you may conduct your own inquiries – contacting all available agencies, such as the police, the medical examiner, etc. If you, the family, and/or friends still feel as though the facts do not add up to the deceased committing suicide, it is not uncommon for an uninvolved third party to be contacted. This third party is often an experienced private investigator who will scrutinize the situation and give you their opinion on whether the evidence points to a suicide or a different cause of death. Although your case may end with the private investigator agreeing with the original ruling that the cause of death was indeed suicide, the investigation can serve to provide you and your family the peace of mind for which you’re searching. 


In some circumstances, after a death has occurred, police/medical examiners are unable to come to a conclusion regarding the cause of death and it is simply labeled as “undetermined.” Relatives and friends of the deceased are often left with unanswered questions concerning the possibly suspicious nature of the case. This leads to an inability to accept the official ruling and creates a lack of closure. An independent investigation conducted by an experienced private investigator can answer your unresolved questions, providing you with closure and peace of mind.

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