Application for Security Department Officers

If you are looking for an exciting career and a rewarding future in Private Security with good benefits and limited travel, the Security Department at Affiliated Investigations Corp. is looking for qualified men and women to become Security officers.

If you have an interest in joining our Security Department read the information below, and when finished, e-mail your name, address and phone number. DUTIES

Security Officers are assigned to various sights depending on their training.
Sights may include but not limited to, Shopping centers, Commercial or residential buildings, Retail stores and Mobile patrol.


New Security Officers cannot receive a permanent appointment until they have satisfactorily completed the basic registration and training requirements by the state of New York.
In addition, Security Officers will receive training in laws, regulations and Security techniques related to their Security assignment.


The Security Department has offices in Saratoga Springs NY and New York City. The size of the area served by each of these offices varies according to the number of sights assigned.

Security Officers will occasionally be assigned to areas away from their residence. These assignments will usually be for a short duration. The agent is reimbursed for lodging and meal costs during this time in accordance with Affiliated investigations Corp. travel policy.


High school education, G.E.D. or equivalent; 2 years experience in Security; valid driver’s license; must pass polygraph, psychological, physical examinations and background check.


The starting base pay for a Security Officer are as fallow, Uniformed unarmed is $16.00phr, depending on assignment, Plainclothes unarmed is $19.00phr, and Armed Security Officer’s salary start at $28.00phr. 5% per hour of shift differential pay is added for hours worked between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
Authorized overtime (over 40 hours/week) will be paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate.


Paid Vacation

40hrs after 2,080 hours worked
80hrs after 10,400 hours worked
120hrs after 20,800 hours worked


5 paid holidays per year


Several group health plans are available.

Life Insurance

Provided after one year of service at no cost to the employee. Double indemnity will apply for employees killed in the line of duty and for accidental death at any time.


To place your name on the Security Department recruitment list via email, Please provide your name, home address and home phone number.
The Security Department administers a written entrance examination for the position of Security Officer only once every two-months. Those applicants that take and pass this entrance exam will be placed on a waiting list to fill any future openings.

If you have what it takes the Security Department would appreciate the opportunity to consider you for employment.

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